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Best Ways to Transform & Energize Your Reception Dance Floor

June 14, 2024

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Celebrating and dancing late into the night is one of the best parts of a wedding reception, but there are times when the dance floor isn’t as packed as you might want it to be. Even when the DJ is spinning the best tunes, some guests may be hesitant to join in on the dancing. Here are the best ways to transform and energize your reception dance floor by incorporating party favor props are a great way to encourage your guests to get out and stay on the dance floor and creates more of a “party” vibe.

Guests tend to enjoy themselves more when they have something to interact with on the dance floor. Having something to hold can also give more self-conscious dancers something to do with their hands.

From glow sticks, to bubbles, to LED flower crowns and sunglasses, there are a ton of swag options out there to help amplify the fun at your wedding reception. Just about anything can be used as a way to energize the reception dance floor and become a prop, but here are a few of our favorites.

Change Up The Atmosphere:

Sometimes, just changing up the vibe on the dance floor is all you need to keep the party going.

Incorporating intelligent lighting is hands down the best way to transform your reception into a nightclub vibe. Intelligent lighting is a type of lighting that can be programmed to move, have rhythm, and change color. It is a continually transformative type of decor. With that type of lighting we also high recommend having haze if you venue allows for it. Another great way to dress up your dance floor is by adding a ceiling installation featuring decorative lighting like chandeliers or disco balls (ideally motorized). You can dress those items up with florals and greenery to match your wedding decor as a feature. You can also add patterned lighting from above that reflects onto the dance floor like a leaf or swirl pattern. The industry term for these are a dance floor wash with a break up pattern. You can even go a step further and have an actual LED dance floor. The sky is the limit! Dressing up the dance floor brings its own entertainment and is great for incorporating your personality. They also make for great social media content.

Cold Sparklers:

We love Cold Sparklers, both Safe and Environmentally Friendly cold sparklers are safe to use indoors and emit minimal smoke, making them eco-friendly and they really do provide that wow factor. We use these at portions in the event when you really want to stimulate the senses of your guests and take your event to the next level, like a first dance, cake cutting, or grand entrance.

Personalized Sunglasses:

Personalized sunglasses at weddings are a charming and practical touch that adds a unique flair to the celebration. As wedding favors, these customized shades serve as both a stylish accessory and a keepsake that guests can enjoy long after the event. Personalized sunglasses blend seamlessly into outdoor ceremonies or beach weddings, offering protection from the sun while enhancing the festive atmosphere. They can also make for fun photos on and off the dance floor!


The bubbles add a playful, almost magical dimension to the atmosphere, evoking a sense of carefree joy and wonder. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and a future gift for a favorite child in your life. These devices quickly create delicate orbs that catch the vibrant colors of the dance floor, overtake the space, and create a mesmerizing and unexpected spectacle. Amazon is our easy, go to recommendation for a wide selection of bubble guns and machines. You will always want to double check with your venue that they will allow these.

Sneakers & Rescue Flats!

This wedding trend is one our feet are thanking us for. We’ve seen invitations where Brides and Grooms encourage the reception party to come comfortable and ready to get your dance party on. Some provide their own footwear with one of our favorites being, Rescue Flats . They are one size fits all, have a great color selection, and a cute heel bag that come with them.

Light-Up Props

When it comes to the best wedding dance floor props, anything that lights up is sure to be a winner. Personalized Glow sticks or glow bracelets are always a hit on the dance floor and add a vibrant atmosphere to the party.

Light-up foam sticks are lightweight, affordable, and can be customized with your names, wedding hashtag, and wedding date.

Interactive Entertainment

From impromptu dance moves to amazing photo opportunities, interactive props bring a whole new level of fun to your wedding dance floor! Best Ways to Transform & Energize Your Reception Dance Floor

For sheer entertainment value, you can’t do better than interactive LED dance floors and Robots that delight your guests. This robot comes from Interactive Entertainment–Z Bot and was a hit with guests of all ages!

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